The Helix hides your Bluetooth headphones on your wrist

Thanks to the Helix, you’ll never have to deal with tangled earbuds again!

Whereas many wearables on the market today want to track calories burned, steps taken and other sorts of performance data, a new wrist-adorned accessory is looking to do something a whole lot simpler: store your earbuds. Let’s face it, when it comes to your headsets, you typically have one of two options. You can either keep the buds in your ears at all times while attached to your phone, or you can unplug them, roll up the cord and then shove the tangled mess into your bag or pocket, only have to undo the process with every incoming call. With just about 50% of us rocking earpieces daily, Ashley Chloe feels it’s time to make a change.


Their solution? The Helix. While on the surface, it may look no different than any other bracelet intended for fitness, but in fact, the ergonomic and stylish wearable has a secret compartment that houses a pair of Bluetooth-enabled earbuds. The cuff features a loop design that lets it fit comfortably around your wrist, while three magnets clasp together to allow for easy size adjustments.

Unlike other gadgetry before it, Ashley Chloe sought to craft a headset that delivered on both value and aesthetics, yet also making it as convenient as possible to access your headphones. The Helix’s unique looping design lets you wrap the bud’s connecting cord into a groove on the cuff when the headset is not in use, while a tiny cache provides a place to put the earphones. In other words, more tangled messes!


“We created Helix knowing that the human wrist is valuable real estate. We knew we would have to provide a lot of value in order to persuade people use a wearable that they will see all the time. It’s a lot different from something you would carry in your pocket or purse,” the team writes.

The Helix can connect to up to eight devices within 30 feet, one at a time, using Bluetooth Low Energy. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows or any wearable unit that supports a connection to wireless headphones. What’s more, the cuff offers microphone control, enabling you to answer/reject calls, play/pause msusic, adjust volume, skip a track and even cancel out noise. Given its size, the Helix can only play for up to three hours, with 200 hours of standby time. However, it can be fully charged via USB in less than an hour.


For its Kickstarter launch, the classic edition comes in two unisex colors, white and black, which features accents of silver or champagne gold aluminum embellishments. Beyond that, the accessory will also come in a gold edition that is equipped with a bright red cuff and an 18k plated-gold embellishment. As its creators note, these embellishments cover the storage cache for the wireless signal receiver and the stereo sound-quality headphones when not in use.

Tired of losing your earbuds or dealing with tangled cords? Head over to the Helix’s Kickstarter page, where the Ashley Chloe crew is closing in on their $100,000 goal. Delivery is slated for December 2015.

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