Branto is a remote presence and security devic

This smart orb lets your home feel, speak, entertain and protect you. 

Have you always wished that you could be in two places at once? As impossible as it was, thanks to the ever-evolving Internet of Things, it may soon become a reality. That’s because a Ukranian startup has developed a streamlined, versatile wireless device that will let your home feel, speak, entertain, and most importantly, protect your loved ones.


For instance, say you and your significant other are away on vacation, thousands of miles from home. Your mother is there with your three young grandchildren, but you can’t stop worrying about the kids. You also know that no one will be around during the day. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a smart robot that could keep an eye on things and communicate with you regardless of your location, putting all anxieties to rest?

Branto is just that: a remote presence orb equipped with an HD camera that can rotate 360-degrees to provide users with a full panoramic view of every room in their house, warning them of problems like water or gas leaks, and giving ultimate control of their appliances over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee and infrared. This should come as a sigh of relief to those who leave the house always wondering as to whether or not they shut off the oven or unplugged their hair accessories.


Beyond that, Branto includes bi-directional microphones that allow users to hear everything that is going on inside their residence, and enables them talk to inhabitants through high-quality speakers, whether that’s urging a pet to hop off the counter, a child to listen to their babysitter or a wife sending a quick reminder to their husband. In other words, the spherical gadget can act as the eyes, ears, voice and hands of tomorrow’s smart home using its accompanying mobile app (Android and iOS).

As if that weren’t enough, the intelligent platform lets users host video calls with colleagues by connecting to a TV, stream music and radio through its built-in speakers, adjust the thermostat, as well as turn the lights on and off from anywhere. What’s more, Branto can serve as an all-in-one security system with a night-vision camera, plus motion and sound detectors, that notifies owners of any suspicious activity around their house via its app.

Born out of their own frustrations with modern-day smart home hubs that only worked with a limited number of devices, the team made it a priority to integrate a number of popular appliances including Philips Hue, Belkin WeMo, Nest and FirstAlert, among several others. In the forthcoming months, Branto hopes to seamlessly work with any existing unit that supports ZigBee, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


What’s nice is that various Brantos can be linked together for widespread coverage. And with its embedded GSM module and 3000mAh LiPo battery, the orb will work even if the Wi-Fi or power in a home should go out — especially helpful for security purposes. It has internal memory of 16GB (which can be upgraded to either 32GB or 64GB), along with the option of storing content in the cloud. Everything is safeguarded by two-factor authentication, and data is encrypted when stored or transferred.

Sound like a full remote presence gadget you’d love to have? Head over to its Indiegogo campaign, where the team is well on its way towards reaching their $50,000 goal. Delivery is slated for December 2015.

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