Keep the mosquitoes away with this ultrasonic water lily

This 3D-printed, ATmega328 powered floating lily pad repels insects from your pool.

If those Citronella torches and repellant sprays can’t keep the mosquitoes away from you during a nighttime swim, perhaps this 3D-printed ultrasonic floating water lily will do the trick. Devised by Maker Jake Reeves, the project uses ultrasound in the 38-40kHz frequency range to repel pesky insects from your pool at dark. This, of course, not only deters them from joining you as you take a few laps, but will reduce how much you have to skim in the morning, and even better, prevents any future breeding.


The simple object consists of two parts, a top and bottom, both of which were printed using a MakerBot Replicator. Upon being created, Reeves sprayed each of the components with a clear sealant to keep water from seeping through to its embedded electronics, which consists of an ICStation Nano 3.0 board (ATmega328), a 40kHz ultrasonic microphone and a rechargeable 9V battery.


As you would imagine, the unit is designed in such a way that the lily pad sits just below the pool’s surface, with the flower pedals emerging from the water as the system emits a 38kHz frequency.

“I chose part of that spectrum to try and repel the unwanted insects from pools and standing water. Mosquitoes in particular dislike the 38kHz frequency as males emit that frequency, so during breeding the males avoid each other and when the females are preparing to give birth, they avoid the males to reduce competition over food.”


With summer in full swing, are you tired of skimming countless mosquitoes from your pool? If so, check out the project’s Thingiverse page here.

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