This Arduino-powered baton will tell on you if you hit someone

Nice going, tattletale! Don’t hit someone or else this billy club will tell your mother. 

Moscow-based Maker ::vtol:: and his art-inspired projects have are no stranger to the Atmel Bits & Pieces blog. Whether it’s modding a typewriter to print ASCII selfies or turning air pollution into images, the hacker-artist continues to surprise us with new innovations. Added to the growing list is a police baton equipped with a GSM-module and powered by an Arduino that automatically sends a text message reading “Mom, I hit a man” to your mother whenever it is used to strike someone.


The idea for Antenna was conceived following the latest string of incidents surrounding police brutality. While a number of states, including California, are putting body cameras on cops in hopes of reducing violence and complaints, vtol:: had a something else in mind — a concept that would incorporate “maternity as the last stronghold of human kindness and responsibility.” After all, no matter what age you are, there’s nothing worse than getting reprimanded by mom! And so, the Maker combined this childhood (and adulthood) fear with a connected device to strictly curb any unnecessary cruelty.


Its setup is pretty straightforward: An Arduino is attached to a piezo sensor to detect impact, while a GSM shield handles the SMS messaging. Whether or not it’s practical, it’s still a pretty neat creation to say the least. See it in action below!

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