Monitor this grill right from your smartphone

Bright Grill connects via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to your Pebble Time, iPad and smartphone. 

While firing up the grill may be a summertime tradition, unfortunately not everyone is skilled in the art of barbecue. If you’re like the majority of folks, chances are that you’re tired of constantly wondering how long you should cook a piece of chicken or steak, without it becoming too “well done.” Luckily, one Miami-based entrepreneur has devised a clever solution that can turn anyone into a grill master in no time.


Created by Robert Mora, the aptly named Bright Grill pairs with an accompanying mobile app to bring wireless monitoring straight to the palm of your hand or wrist. With a striking resemblance to the popular indoor/outdoor George Foreman Grill, the Bright Grill boasts a 240-square-inch, non-stick cooking area and can be mounted on its pedestal for the deck, patio or near the RV, and removed for the countertop.

The Bright Grill itself is an electric, plug-in unit equipped with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as an Atmel CPU chipset, temperature sensors and signal electronics. While the device can be paired to any iOS, Android or Pebble gadget, it also comes with a power cord for indoor use where gas and charcoal grills are prohibited. Simply turn it on and off from your phone, adjust the temperature and time, and then let it take care of the rest as you monitor your meal from afar.


What’s nice is that you can forget about having to always hover over the hot grill worrying if the food is okay. Bright Grill provides users with step-by-step guides, flip notifications, a customizable safety shutoff, as well as an auto warm feature that allows you to keep tossing the football for a few more minutes or play one last hand in cards. Aside from all that, it also comes with a “crowdgrilling” community element, which enables you to share your own speciality dish with friends or browse through others’ for dinner inspiration. Its app can even teach new grillers about healthier food choices and recipes that are ideal for those just starting out.

With summer in full swing, what better time to head over to Bright Grill’s Kickstarter page? Mora is currently seeking $41,250, and shipment is slated for March 2016. Depending on the success of its campaign, you will be able to choose from a range of colors including lime green, red, blue, black, orange and silver.

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