This system will automatically bring your trash to the curb

Now this is bin-credible! One Maker has created a system that will automatically take his trash cans out to the street. 

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than having to take out the trash, especially for those with extremely long driveways or uneven front yards. On second thought, scratch that. There’s nothing worse than enduring the wrath of your significant other for fogetting to bring the garbage cans out. Fortunately, Mehmet Cileli has devised a clever solution to the age-old problem that has stirred up countless household arguments.


Like some of us, Cileli has a front yard that isn’t all too friendly to the rolling of trashcan wheels. As you can imagine, having to lug three bins across several feet of rocks can be quite difficult to say the least. That was up until now. Channeling his inner DIY spirit, the Maker decided to streamline the chore with an automated system that would take care of the task on its own.

The aptly named My Bins is comprised entirely of aluminum, along with two control boxes. A rectangular swivel platform sits beneath the trash and recycle bins, while a driver unit brings them to and from the road via a special track.


My Bins will notify users with a recorded voice message five minutes prior to the bins being brought curbside, along with a final one-minute warning for any last-second bags. The system is programmed to take the waste containers out once a week (in Cileli’s case, it’s Monday night) no matter where its owner may be. Meanwhile, as the cans make their way to the street, the project emits a series of beeping and flashing LED lights, creating quite the visual and audible spectacle. (We wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbors mistaken My Bins for a smoke detector or a truck backing into their driveway.)


Aside from that, My Bins will alert its users once more on the day of pickup should the containers not be properly placed back onto the platform. Otherwise, a pair of sensors will detect when the last bin is emptied and will autonomously return them to their resting spot. What’s more, My Bins features four different manual remote controls: RF and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and 4G, as well as holiday mode should trash day fall on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

The first control box can be found behind the swivel platform, which contains all of the necessary operation components. Inside this unit lies an Arduino, a Bluetooth and RF module, a trio of motors that drive the system, as well as a 12V battery and its own solar power panel. Meanwhile, another box attached to the side of the house is equipped with a 12V automatic charger to keep the battery juiced up during the night and on stormier days, along with a Wi-Fi remote and a 3G/4G activator.

While it may not solve a world’s problem, it sure as heck is one innovative project that is worth checking out! See it in action below, and head over to its official project page on here.

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