Oro is an SMS alarm temperature watchdog

Need to leave your pup in the car? This Arduino-powered device will send you a text if it gets too warm inside.

Maker Richard Deininger has developed an SMS alarm temperature watchdog. The idea for Oro was first conceived as a simple alert system for whenever the AC system in his company’s server room went down. Upon showing it off to his colleagues, the dog-loving bunch informed him that the DIY gadget would also make for an excellent tool to ensure that the inside of a car never got too hot for poor Fido.


Now an entry in this year’s Hackaday Prize, the dog owner application itself is pretty straightforward. It is comprised on an Arduino Uno (ATmega328), a DHT22 temperature and humidity probe, a 2000uF capacitor, a power bank with two outputs, and a SIM900 GSM modem — all housed inside a small enclosure for optimum portability.

An owner defines a temperature threshold to get started, and should the thermometer escalate to unsafe levels for the pup, they will be notified via text message.

Interested? Head over to the project’s Hackaday.io page here.

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