OKO is a smart frame with a social life

This multimedia frame allows you to share all of your content with friends via Wi-Fi. 

The picture frame has been a fixture on mantels for decades. Yet, most of us can admit that looking at the same photo can get old rather quickly. So as the world becomes increasingly connected, one Barcelona startup has made it their mission to revolutionize the seemingly unchanged accessory. Instead of manually having to take apart the back of frame and insert a new photo, OKO enables its users to wirelessly beam the content that they want to see straight from their smartphone.


And it’s not just personalized photos either. Instead, the “first online multimedia touchscreen frame” connects to its accompanying mobile app via Wi-Fi, allowing owners to share their music playlists and favorite videos with other units in their network.

Unlike those before it, OKO has bolstered its social savviness as well. In doing so, the frame gives users the ability to update, change and replace its pictures and footage by pulling content based on various hashtags — meaning, it can display everything from a user’s Instagram streams to their latest Vine loops.


OKO even allows for the transmission of text and voice messages, whether that’s a friendly reminder upon arriving home or a video of the grandchildren for grandma. What’s more, users can dress up their place a bit with a collection of artwork for a dinner party or set the mood for a romantic evening for two. The possibilities are endless.


“To send other kind of text messages, there are already other applications (WhatsApp and Facebook) but you sometimes need to send a text message that you need them to be read when they are or arrive home, and you can’t risk them having their smartphone off or not reading the text,” the team writes.

“Or, maybe you are thinking of using a Post-It, but if you’re not home, how are you going to put it? Sometimes Post-Its remain unnoticed… with OKO the message will be received.”


The gadget is comprised of a high-quality color touchscreen, a removable and completely customizable case, Wi-Fi connectivity and can be powered either through its built-in battery or an AC plug. While the frame currently comes in only one size (10”), the team reveals that a larger one (21”) is in the works. In addition, future iterations may include voice recognition, cloud compatibility and a camera for video chat and gestural interaction.

Want to add an OKO to your home’s decor? Head over to its Kickstarter campaign, where the CIMNE TIC team is currently seeking $70,000. Delivery is expected to get underway in May 2016.

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