15 animals who were given a new lease on life by 3D printing

The lives of animals are being changed thanks to advancements in 3D-printed prosthetics.

The field of animal prostheses (much like that of humans) before the advent of 3D printing was limited in terms of design, accessibility, and most of all, affordability. Fortunately, the Maker Movement has opened the door to a number of low-cost machines and open source files, which have made it possible to give several of our four-legged (and not-so-four-legged) friends a new lease on life. From tiny wheelchairs for chihuahuas to new shells for turtles, 3D printing has demonstrated the tremendous impact it can and will continue to have on both humans and animals alike.

TurboRoo the Chihuahua

Dudley the Duck

Hobbes the Terrier Mix

Ozzie the Goose

Akut-3 the Turtle

Benji the Kitten

Bubbles the Wiener Dog

Scooter the Two-Legged Pup

Cleopatra the Tortoise

Quack Quack the Duck

Derby the Dog

Stumpy the Box Turtle

Holly the Horse

Buttercup the Duck

Beauty the Bald Eagle

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