This tiny sensor platform lets you build your own wearables

MetaWear Coin is a complete, low-power solution that enables both Makers and businesses to develop wearable sensor products.

Back in April, MbientLab unveiled a tiny BLE module that enabled Makers to build production-ready wearables right from their smartphones. MetaWear worked by connecting a product to a mobile device via Bluetooth, then logging or streaming six-axis of motion and environmental data. Following its success, the team has now launched a Kickstarter campaign for the MetaWear Coin a mini, coin-cell powered sensor that can be used to develop any number of smart designs.


The highly-integrated Bluetooth platform includes wireless, sensor-packed hardware housed inside a simple and functional case, along with easy-to-use SDK and open source codes to help get Makers started. The MetaWear Coin is equipped with a BOSCH accelerometer, a temperature sensor, a BLE radio, a programmable pushbutton, an LED, GPIOs/SPI/I2C for additional sensors, as well as ARM Cortex-M0 SoC with 256KB of Flash and 16KB of RAM. The board can run three to six months on a single, replaceable battery.


Beyond that, the MetaWear Coin packs a robust set of features all into a tiny form factor, which makes it ideal for “always-on” applications in nearly every setting, such as health and fitness, gaming, navigation and sports. As the popularity for embedded fabric continues to rise, the sensor platform will also enable developers to craft efficient and intelligent wearable solutions for smart clothing, bags and other garments. Projects already created include an intelligent pocketbook, a temperature logging grocery bag and a concussion band that can detect head trauma, just to name a few.


“You tell the board what to do: read temperature data, log motion data, download log data in memory, sound an alarm when a button is pressed, adjust the volume of your Bluetooth speaker when the MetaWear is shaken, or anything else you can think of,” the team writes.

MetaSense’s proprietary software provides users with powerful analysis tools to better process sensor data, log information, receive input, keep tabs on movements, recognize gestures, turn devices on/off and trigger events.


Looking to get started on your own wearable solution? Head over to MetaWear Coin’s Kickstarter campaign, where the MbientLab crew is currently seeking $50,000. Delivery is expected to kick off in November 2015.

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