This necklace lets you play videos from its tiny screen

The Tiny Screen Necklace lets you watch movie clips, show off your artwork and more.

Chances are that you’ve watched a movie on the big screen, a small screen and even the screens of your handheld devices, but never before have you seen some scenes on such a tiny screen (try saying that five times fast) as the one on the wearable gadget devised by Margarita Benitez.


The aptly named Tiny Screen Necklace is exactly what it sounds like: a miniature screen that plays videos. The Maker, who happens to also be a fashion professor at Kent State University, created the project as both a piece of jewelry and video art that aspires to open a wide range of endless possibilities. As a recent OZY article points out, this can be anything from an artist broadcasting their work, a filmmaker showing off his movie trailer or a social media star having her Instagrams on a loop.

The idea for the necklace first came about following conversations with TinyCircuits’ Ken Burns, the inventor of the small and stackable electronics platform that can be found at the heart of this wearable unit. If you recall from its original Kickstarter debut, the TinyScreen is only 1.02″ x 0.98″ with a 0.96” viewable area that features a 96×64 OLED display and 16-bit color depth. The device was built to be personalized and programmed by a clever user base, much like Benitez, which is all made possible thanks to the ATmega328P driven TinyDuino.


What’s nice is that TinyScreen enables users to do everything from make a light blink to create a custom video game control console roughly the size of a quarter. Software processes the footage that is uploaded to the display embedded inside Benitez’s 3D-printed case. Typically, only a couple of lines of code are needed to get started.

In the future, the Maker hopes to not only sell her necklace, in both DIY and fully-assembled form, but open source its 3D-printable design as well. Benitez may even follow in the footsteps of TinyCircuits and launch a Kickstarter campaign of her own in the coming months. Until then, she remains optimistic about the future of wearable technology.  

“Maybe we’ll have clothing that can actually change patterns one day,” she tells OZY. “Media is always going to be everywhere, and if it can fit on your body, it will.”

Intrigued? Head over to the Maker’s official page here, and see the necklace in action below.

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