Bartesian makes cocktails from capsules in seconds

This Keurig-like machine will mix the perfect cocktail with the press of a button.

Generally speaking, creating more than the simplest mixed drink at home requires several ingredients along with a little bartender know-how. Fortunately, one Waterloo, Ontario startup has developed an automated solution to that problem. Like a Keurig for cocktails, the Bartesian is a capsule-based machine that enables anyone to expertly make their favorite summer alcoholic beverages in a matter of seconds with just the press of a button.


The next-generational kitchen appliance works by inserting a pod and selecting the strength of the drink (from light to heavy pours). From there, the robotic bartender will whip up the perfect amalgamation every time. What’s nice is that, instead of having to stock up on different liqueurs, bitters and juices, the Bartesian packs all of those flavors into one tiny capsule. A user must still supply the booze, of course.

The machine is equipped with four little glass reservoirs that can be filled with any of the basic spirits, namely vodka, gin, tequila and whiskey, which are then used to craft drinks based on the recipes associated with each pod. This is made possible through an intelligent barcode system that automatically reads the ingredients for the chosen cocktail and begins preparing it to one’s liking.


The team has launched six of their favorite blends for its Kickstarter campaign — including classics like Margarita, Sex on the Beach and Cosmopolitan and three signatures — with plenty more to come in the near future. A la carte selections, themed packs and seasonal varieties are also among some of the options that will become available.

Built around an ATmega2560 MCU, the electronics are all housed inside a sleek metal enclosure with stainless steel accents. The Bartesian features an ultra-simple, three button interface that lets users pick the drink, choose its strength and start the process.


Similar to many other startups these days, its inventors Bryan Fedorak and Jason Neevel decided to head to Shenzhen to finalize the product’s design and set up its supply chain, all under the guidance of HAXLR8R — one of the world’s leading hardware accelerators. And now, the crew is ready for mass production.

Sound like a device you’d love to have for your next Friday night party or Saturday afternoon BBQ? Although the team recently completed their successful Kickstarter campaign, Bartestian is still available for pre-order on its website here. Delivery is expected to get underway in April 2016.

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