Lumioto is an easy-to-use, open source LED prototyping tool

Lumioto makes it easy to add expressive, professional LED effects to prototypes, design models and videos.

It seems like these days, just about every product on the market contains at least one LED. The same goes for DIY projects. Sure, LED designs are great. However, if you’ve ever tried to configure them, you know just how tricky it can get. Even the earliest steps like controlling brightness and choosing colors can present a few unexpected challenges, not to mention adding animation only seems to make matters worse. Cognizant of the limited number of tools available, SCALAR Electronics has developed Lumioto, a quick and simple way to go about the LED creation process.


Based on an Arduino Uno (ATmega328), Lumioto gives users the ability to make fine modifications on up to three independent RGB LEDs, including toggling their brightness, color and pattern. The open source tool is equipped with an intuitive hue-saturation-lightness (HSL) on-board color picker, along with 14 different built-in animations with adjustable speed, intensity and relative timing. This way, designers and Makers alike can easily add LED effects to prototypes, models and a wide range of other projects.


What’s more, users can experiment with 24-bit digital color and brightness by plugging into any USB port. If that port happens to be on a computer, they can configure more advanced settings using Lumioto Terminal, ranging from turning LEDs on/off and getting readouts to adjusting settings and accessing flexible LED animations. Whether for professional or amateur use, the possibilities are truly endless. Given that it’s Arduino-compatible, Makers can even hack its code and add their own new features and functions.


Other notable specs include:

  • Full set of three 36″ Lumioto LED cables included (2X inline, 1X angled)
  • High brightness: Up to 3000mcd per LED (1200mcd with white-balancing enabled)
  • Hex color reference and digital brightness readouts
  • Detachable LED cables for easy modification, permanent LED integration, or multiple simultaneous projects
  • All settings saved automatically for convenience and mobility
  • Identical Mac and Windows support; no drivers required
  • USB-powered
  • Open source firmware
  • Completely free firmware development toolchain (Atmel Studio + AVRdude, Windows-only)
  • Entire Arduino port D0-D7 accessible for hardware expansion
  • ~50% CPU, RAM, FLASH utilization


“Don’t know Arduino? That’s okay. With the Designer Kit, you don’t need to be into electronics to use Lumioto. It’s the same as the Maker kit, except it comes with an Arduino preprogrammed with the freshest Lumioto firmware. It’s ready for action right out of the box, down to the included USB cable,” its team writes.

Interested in adding professional LED effects to your next design? Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Lumioto is now selling both on Tindie and its official site for $89.00.

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