Flare is a smart home security system that can make smart decisions

With Flare, you can forget about alarm codes, maintenance contracts or difficult installation. 

As futuristic as a number of smart home devices may be, the market has generally lacked an all-in-one solution that was not only simple to use but just as easy to afford. That is an issue that Berlin-based startup BuddyGuard is hoping to solve with its comprehensive, self-managing security system.


What a user will notice is that unlike other units available today, Flare uses artificial intelligence to protect one’s living quarters. Designed with simplicity in mind, the mini UFO-like gadget provides users with unprecedented freedom as they will never have to constantly check their smartphone for alerts again.

BuddyGuard’s latest product packs a 1080p camera, a microphone, a speaker and a siren. Not only is it both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled, it even has a 3G cellular module for uninterrupted access should the Internet go down. Beyond that, users can power Flare through a wall outlet or a rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in te event of an outage. Each unit is also equipped with a temperature sensor to detect a change in an environment as well as an acceleromter to sense any tampering.

Flare activates whenever a resident leaves their home or apartment, and by combining its embedded technologies, can remain cognizant of what’s going on in and around a home at all times. What’s more, it will take action automatically should there be any suspicious activities by notifying the authorities. This includes giving off the impression that someone is home by emitting typical household sounds through its loudspeaker to drive away burglars away.


Impressively, Flare can decipher between a homeowner and an intruder, and will instantaneously turn off its camera and microphone if it recognizes their face, and reactivate itself if it spots an unfamiliar face not found in the cloud database. It’s also supposed to respond to voice commands, so a user should be able to tell it that they’ll be away on vacation for a week and it will know to remain vigilant the entire time. In other words, no more dealing with codes!

BuddyGuard’s innovation allows users to update a trusted contacts list as well, by adding or deleting friends, family, neighbors and others. This way, if a house sitter swings by, Flare will be able to authenticate them as a welcome visitor, and then revert back to standby mode. Aside from voice and facial recognition, it employs the geolocation of its owner’s smartphone to deactivate and cover the camera just as they arrive home. Good news for those with their hands full of groceries!

Given it’s DIY disposition, BuddyGuard design the system to be super simple to setup (in less than 10 minutes) with minimal effort required. The device is equipped with a magnetic base, which will affix to just about any surface with some adhesive tape. Not to mention, users can extend the system’s functionalities through IFTTT. Meaning, Flare can communicate with other apps and connected appliances to create simple action-reaction recipes.


Like a majority of smart home security units, all of Flare’s functions can be controlled from any iOS, Android or Windows phone. What’s more, the app provides real-time information about what’s going on at home. With its sleek design and compact size (only 1″ x 4”), BuddyGuard’s latest take on home security will be a welcomed addition to any abode.

Sound like something you’d want to safeguard your home? BuddyGuard has just about wrapped up its Kickstarter campaign, where the team successfully garnered over $170,000. Shipment is expected to begin in December 2015.

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  2. prkralex

    With a security hack taking place just about everyday, consumers are more on-guard than ever when it comes to making sure their personal information are secure from ne’er-do-wells. But a new report points out that we might be inviting those hackers into our homes with open arms thanks to the less-than-optimal security of many smart home products.



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