Pet Tutor Blu is a universal smart training and game system for dogs

Pet Tutor Blu combines a BLE-enabled feeder and a mobile app to make an advanced game-and-training station for you and your pet.

As lovable as they may be, dogs can sometimes be a challenge to live with. Between excessive barking, chewing things, going to the bathroom inside the house, rummaging through the trash, eating too fast or suffering with separation anxiety, reward-based training has become a proven technique in an helping curb these issues.


Developed with this in mind, Smart Animal Training Systems has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Pet Tutor Blua wireless system consisting of a feeder and a LightBlue Bean-powered (ATmega328P) remote that trains, rewards and provides hours of fun and interactive play for man’s best friend.

The aptly named Pet Tutor Blu combines the many benefits of its earliest predecessors with some of today’s most advanced technology. This includes rewarding good behavior with strategically timed treats, calming a fearful dog with remote-controlled food delivery, creating personalized training protocols and feeding schedules, adding a webcam, and expanding the capabilities of other Internet-enabled accessories, all through an accompanying mobile app (available on both iOS and Android).


In addition, the next-gen system comes with an optional, ATmega328P based Smart Clicker that can transform ordinary dog toys into smart training tools. Employing the scientifically proven technique of clicker training, the gadget features an on-board computer tasked with displaying feedback on timing, rewards and success rates to enhance the effectiveness of training. Meanwhile, a tilt sensor embedded inside the Smart Clicker triggers the feeder located in close proximity, encouraging the dog to run back and forth between the feeder and the toy.

Pet Tutor Blu also features an accompanying app, which allows users to control multiple feeders individually or up to eight simultaneously, set feeder times and training parameters, customize the Smart Clicker with preferred sounds and volumes, as well as access the app library for newly-connected objects.


What’s more, those who’ve ever had an idea for a training program or game can now do so. Designed with an open architecture, Makers and developers have the ability to create new games, apps and training programs for their beloved pet using its accompanying API. Beyond that, Pet Tutor Blu features a plethora of exciting games not only for the pet, but the owner too, like Timing Tutor that sharpens a user’s training precision.

Have a pup you’d like to train? Hurry over to its official Kickstarter page, where the Smart Animal Training Systems crew is currently seeking $30,000. Shipment is expected to begin in December 2015 — just in time for the holidays!

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