This smart water bottle alerts users when they’re not drinking enough

Hidrate Me syncs to your phone to track water intake and glows to remind you to stay hydrated. 

Everyone knows that proper hydration is important. Each cell in the body relies upon water to function properly. When depleted of that good ol’ H2O, humans can experience a wide range of symptoms such as dry mouth, headaches, lethargy and confusion. Yet even mindful of its benefits, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to remember to stay hydrated throughout the day — whether it’s at work, in class or at the gym. Fortunately, one Minnesota-based startup has designed a connected water bottle that tracks water intake and ensures optimal hydration even when the most minute distractions get in the way.


Called Hidrate Me, the 24-ounce smart bottle will alert a user to appropriate drinking levels based on temperature, humidity, elevation and personal settings based on their location through its accompanying mobile app. By communicating with the phone over Bluetooth, the container is able to take into account personal parameters like gender, age, weight, height and activity, while an embedded sensor stick automatically tracks water consumption and sends a helpful reminder when in need of a few sips. In addition, a user will receive visual indication when they have not taken a sip for an extended period of time through the illumination of a built-in LED light.


Since water bottles and fitness go hand-in-hand, it’s no surprise that the bottle can also be synced to wearable devices to better monitor intake during high-performance workouts, where rehydration is required the most. And for those wondering, Hidrate Me is comprised of BPA-free Tritan plastic, is dishwasher safe and comes with a replaceable battery that lasts over a year.


The idea for the innovation first came about back in September 2014 when the startup’s CEO pulled together a team of fellow University of Minnesota students for a Google Startup weekend in Minneapolis. There, the crew of Makers built the first smart water bottle prototype using what would appear to be a LightBlue Bean BLE MCU (ATmega328P) to sync with the mobile app.


Looking to stay on top of your H2O intake and improve your well-being? Head over to its Kickstarter page, where the Hidrate team is currently seeking $35,000. For the launch of its campaign, users can choose from an assortment of colors including white, green, teal, pink and black. Shipment is expected to begin in December 2015.

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