MakerCamp builds weeklong Makerspace at Maker Faire Shenzhen

30 Makers will create a Makerspace inside a freight container.

When it comes to Makerspaces, one thing we’ve learned in recent years is that these can range from abandoned 80,000-square-foot warehouses to mobile pop-up shops in the back of a van. Typically speaking, launching such a place requires the rallying of Makers, strategically determining a location, acquiring a variety of tools like 3D printers and basic electronics, and of course, time. However, one group is looking to accelerate this process by cramming it all into one week with limited resources.


Beginning on June 12th, Makers from across the world will take part in building an actual Makerspace in Shenzhen out of a freight container, as well as populating the teched-out trailer with exciting educational workshops — in just seven days. Dubbed MakerCamp Shenzhen, the project is a collaboration between Berlin-based HacKIDemia and the Chaihuo Makerspace.

The container itself will sit on the site of the upcoming Maker Faire Shenzhen, the heart of China’s burgeoning Maker Movement. This weeklong summer camp will provide 30 participants with unparalleled access to experienced mentors, various materials and Shenzhen’s most established DIYers to take their projects and skills to the next level. In addition to simply constructing the space, there will be a couple days worth of workshops alongside some of the world’s leading Makers, including Autodesk’s Dawn Danby, Quirky’s Jordan Husney, Maker Faire’s Kevin Lau and Tinkerspace’s Lynn Liu.


“Makerspaces are ideal places for Makers to not only get access to tools, but also to meet like-minded people and further their DIY education. However, many communities particularly in China, are still lacking Makerspace, and often times the startup cost is prohibitive,” explains Stefania Druga, founder of HacKIDemia. “MakerCamp, on the other hand, shows communities like Shenzhen that it is possible to build a Makerspace, and a successful curriculum around it with limited resources.”

In just its second MakerCamp, HacKIDemia has already begun to attract attention from the DIY community on a global scale. Last summer, the team put on a monthlong camp in Berlin which attracted over 15 participants spanning across several countries.

Copy of late coding

“After working with makers in the most remote parts of the world as part of HacKIDemia and Afrimakers, a community for makers in Africa,  I realized that local communities would like to create affordable makerspaces and they don’t know how to get started. This is how we got the idea to use shipping containers which can be sourced everywhere and design, build and document the most affordable makerspace where makers from all over the world can create a space that inspires them to tinker,” Druga adds.

The weeklong event (June 12-18th) will take place in the week leading up to Maker Faire Shenzhen. Interested? You can head over to MakerCamp’s page here.

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