This dancer’s LED dress responds to hand motion

LEDs embedded in the dancer’s dress are triggered by quick hand motions and illuminate the costume.

Created by Danielle Jordan, in collaboration with Makers Angie Pittman, Eric Norbury and Jeff Putney, E-Motion Control is a thesis project exploring the construction and analysis of motion-controlled dance costumes. Driven by a pair of Adafruit FLORA (ATmega32U4), the garment packs two accelerometers, 50 RGB NeoPixels, some AWG hookup wire and two LiPo batteries for power.


Embedded beneath the dancer’s dress, the set of LEDs are programmed to be triggered by rapid hand motions. When either of the accelerometers mounted on the back of both hands sense a certain amount of movement along the Y or Z axis, a trail of NeoPixels illuminate the dress’ bodice in whimsical fashion.

Intrigued? Those wishing to read its accompanying research paper will have to wait until its available. In the meantime, you can watch the dress in action below. Now, imagine if the dancer complemented the outfit with a pair of Lesia Trubat’s Electronic Laces on her feet to recreate the artistic movements into graphical data and imagery.

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