This donut-like device analyzes your skin and gives you real-time advice

Well, this is one WAY to bring the Internet of Things to your face!

While a vast majority of our blog posts tend to trend on the masculine side of the spectrum, this recent Indiegogo project is ideal for female engineers. Created by one Seoul, South Korea-based startup, WAY is a pocket-sized, personal skincare companion that collects real-time data from your skin and delivers beauty tips directly to your smartphone via its accompanying mobile app.


Busy professional women and mothers lack time for themselves. Maintaining healthy, youthful skin takes time and dedication,” its creators write. “With WAY, you can easily analyze your skin condition in just three seconds and receive tips about your skincare routine, that save you time and help you to look your best.”

The donut-like gadget — which measures just only 2″ x 2” x 0.5” in size — not only easily slips inside any handbag or knapsack, but is embedded with a UV index and humidity sensors, Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and up to seven days of battery life thanks to its ultra low-power ARM Cortex-M0 MCU. In addition, WAY also packs a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) sensor that is tasked with detecting moisture and oil content in the layer beneath the surface of the user’s skin.


Aside from the dermis, WAY also collects data from a user’s immediate surroundings that is then aggregated and combined with other sorts of real-time information like weather to send useful advice to your smartphone via its app (iOS and Android). What’s nice is that the app will alert a user with notifications throughout the day, making recommendations such as applying applying moisturizer when humidity is low or putting on sunscreen if the UV index is on the rise.

“Most of know that dry conditions are not good for our skin, but it’s tough to qualify dryness levels and take appropriate action. WAY was designed to help you track both the moisture content of your skin and environment. By constantly monitoring conditions and providing qualified skincare tips, WAY takes the mystery out of skincare,” the team adds.


Want one for yourself? Head over to its official Indiegogo campaign, where the WAY team has already surpassed its $50,000 pledge goal. Delivery is expected to kick off in November 2015.

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