Quip brings simplicity and smarts to your electric toothbrush

This startup wants to ensure that you replace your toothbrush every three months. 

Evident by the sheer volume of new startups entering the market, innovative gadgets on display throughout tradeshow floors, and news stories suggesting everything in our world is connected, the IoT has surely arrived. However, while a vast majority of once-ordinary items embedded with next-gen technology are truly revolutionary, others may fall under the category of Internet of “Useless Things.” In an effort to steer clear of being labeled alongside some gimmicky oral hygiene companies that have emerged before, one New York City-based startup has found a way to blend a pretty conventional, everyday toothbrush with the latest tech advancements to reinvent the age-old bathroom accessory in a much more practical manner.


Like many electronic toothbrushes, Quip boasts an electric motor and vibrating bristles to reinforce the fundamentals of a proper technique. Yet, the benefits of the vibration don’t end there. Instead, they ensure that a user manages to clean their teeth for two uninterrupted minutes, pulsing every 30 seconds to allow for equal time to be spent on each quadrant of the mouth. Let’s face it, many of us — ourselves included — tend to favor one area a bit more than others.

And we know what you’re thinking, “Other electronic toothbrushes already do that.” Sure, but Quip’s slick business model enables it to do so at a much lower price-point. $40 for a kit that includes the brush, a case and a tube of toothpaste that is carefully measured out to last three months, which of course, is the duration at which dentists suggest you swap out for a new brush. Truth be told, sometimes that’s easier said than done. Now when that time arrives, Quip’s subscription model — much like Birchbox and Dollar Shave Club — will deliver a new head and toothpaste.


Speaking of the brush head, this was designed with simplicity in mind. In other words, they didn’t try to cram as much technology as possible into its handle. In fact, you won’t find any flashy features, such as wireless connectivity or social media and gaming integration. What you will find, though, is an Atmel chip.

It seems pretty clear that the startup isn’t pushing for the smartest tooth brush on the market, and doesn’t intend on being a leader in the so-called IoT, or Internet of Teeth. Rather, these guys are using embedded technology to provide a simple yet expedited solution for an everyday thing. And we love it. Looking to improve your dental hygiene? Check out Quip today.

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