GeniCan automatically makes shopping lists based on what’s thrown away

Your garbage can is about to get much, much smarter.

When it comes to the connected home, there’s smart appliances, smart lighting, smart TVs and smart hubs. Next on that list may very well be smart trash cans. If it is up to one New York-based startup, the garbage bin may become more than just a lowly container of rubbish, but an intelligent household assistant. Think about it: When you run out of something at home, whether it’s the milk, eggs or fabric softener, it’s all too easy to forget to add it to the grocery list. Thanks to the GeniCanthat will soon all change.


Unlike the Bruno smart trashcan, the Genican is a standalone device that attaches to the side of your ‘dumb’ trash pail using a magnetic panel, and scans the barcodes of items as they are thrown out. They are then added to a shopping list, which can be accessed from an accompanying mobile app, or in the near future, automatically reordered in Amazon Dash button-like fashion.

What’s nice is that the unit is designed to work with pretty much any type of bin — square or round, plastic or metal. Wall and cabinet mounting options are available, with a countertop bracket also in the works. The gadget is powered either through a typical wall outlet or an internal battery that can last for an estimated seven days depending on use.


Once installed, the GeniCan connects to an in-home Wi-Fi network, which it cross-references scanned barcodes against a UPC database and sends all data to its cloud service, which it uses to provide money-saving coupons and delivery options. From there, the cloud service relays the information to the mobile app. For those items that don’t have a barcode, the system uses voice recognition through its built-in microphone to add household essentials to a list.


Beyond helping to replenish groceries, GeniCan also features a sensor that is used to determine when a can is full. If so, the device reminds the user to take out the trash through its app.

Sound like something you’d love for your kitchen? Head over to its official Indiegogo campaign, where the GeniCan team is currently seeking $50,000. Delivery is expected to begin in September 2015.

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