Zebra Technologies unveils ARM mbed IoT Starter Kit

This new IoT Starter Kit uses an Atmel | SMART Xplained board.

In collaboration with ARM, Zebra Technologies has developed an ARM mbed Starter Kit for Zatar, an IoT platform for enterprise applications. Powered by an Atmel | SMART Xplained board, the IoT Starter Kit will enable simple, standards-based cloud connectivity for creating next-generation, Internet-aware products integrated with Zatar.


As enterprises are committing to large IoT initiatives, they often require a simple, inexpensive and standards-based artifact to begin development. To provide such a “thing,” ARM mbed IoT Starter Kit for Zatar is a ready-made reference design to rapidly spur apps like enterprise asset management, as well as build and release futuristic concepts into production.

“The IoT is here. To accelerate enterprise adoption, developers and device manufacturers require IoT kits that make it easy to prototype and develop IoT products. We are happy to work with leaders like ARM and Atmel to rapidly widen the appeal of IoT, with the kit our partners and customers can use to easily start building products and solutions on Zatar,” explains Phil Gerskovich, SVP New Growth Platforms at Zebra Technologies.

The kit will leverage the ARM mbed IoT Device Platform, including mbed OS, and provide a full stack with Wi-Fi connectivity, security and enterprise-grade cloud integration for product developers to use. What’s more, it will enable anyone creating enterprise IoT products to reduce development time and decrease expenses, with the standards-based reference design that integrates right into Zatar.


The IoT Starter Kit will use the Atmel SAM W25 Xplained PRO prototyping and evaluation platform consisting of a pre-configured Atmel | SMART ARM MCU dev board — featuring ARM Cortex processors, a fully integrated Wi-Fi network controller and an expansion port to a collection of add-on boards for functionalities such as sensors and user I/O interfaces.

“This Wi-Fi-based IoT platform kit is a great example of a system-level, edge-node solution that simplifies the complexities associated with cloud connectivity and provides IoT product developers an easy-to-use development platform that supports a wide range of IoT devices and security requirements,” says Steve Pancoast, Atmel VP Software Applications, Tools and Development. “We are pleased to team up with Zebra and ARM to enable more designers to quickly bring their IoT products to market.”

A prototype of the IoT Starter Kit will be displayed at the Zebra booth at Maker Faire Bay Area, where developers and product designers can register for early access.

3 thoughts on “Zebra Technologies unveils ARM mbed IoT Starter Kit

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  3. Peter

    Why make a press release like this when the supporting info isn’t available?
    – Zatar doesn’t mention the new board in its list of supported devices
    – the linked page for the Atmel SAM W25 Xplained PRO board doesn’t list it
    – why not include the dates for the Maker Faire Bay Area since those who don’t live in the USA (or perhaps live on the other side of the country) would have little interest in it or knowlege of when it is on
    – how else can we register our interest? It appears we can’t



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