Play a board game connected to your iPhone to earn a full-time job

Trying to land a job is tough. What if it became fun? Thanks to one group of Makers and a BLE Arduino, it can.

Led by designers Guillaume Beinat and Alexandre Suné of Tazas Project, a dozen graduate students from France’s École de Communication Visuelle Aquitaine created an immersive board game that highlights the experience of being a marketing agency intern.


The aptly-dubbed InternTrip game is based on a Blend Micro (ATmega32U4) and pairs with an iPhone to serve as its interface. As its name would imply, the project recreates the experience (or “trip”) of landing a job at a communications firm, from starting as an intern to landing a full-time position. The system relies on the use of the Arduino BLE chip to calculate a player’s position on the board and simultaneously relay the information over the mobile device.

The received coordinates enable the player to discover inside the walls of the agency by moving their smartphone over the exterior of the building, which in this case is the game board.


“From table football to the terrasse, passing by the coffee machine or the photocopier, they invite us to visit the agency, to talk with the team and to compete with our colleagues in head to head questionnaires about the world of advertising. This is your time, young, exploited interns, to take your revenge and land that job,” the team writes.

Pretty interesting concept, if you ask us. Watch the video below to see it in action! (Nice find, Arduino!)

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