ARbot lets you have virtual tank battles and robot races anywhere

This projects lets you partake in virtual tank-like battles of up to 64 players throughout your office, house or pretty much anywhere.

Created by Denis Kurilchik and the Roboboom team, the ARbot project consists of a spherical robot and a mobile app that bridges the gap between real and virtual worlds, allowing users to partake in tank-like battles of up to 64 players throughout their office, at home, at school or pretty much anywhere they want.


Not just an ordinary radio-controlled toy, the ARbot is comprised of two hemispherical wheels that operate in unison using a shifted center of gravity to overcome any number of obstacles. The multi-directional bot houses an AVR based system board along with an electric motor, and is charged via micro-USB. The battery itself typically lasts anywhere between one to three hours in active mode, which is plenty for some lunch or coffee break fun.

Meanwhile, an accompanying app (available in iOS, Android and Windows) connects with the robot over Bluetooth, enabling some friendly competition. The program currently features two game modes: single-player and multi-player. As its name would suggest, multi-player lets users do battle against other ARbot owners — whether that’s during lunch, in between classes, after work, or downstairs in the basement.


Regardless of the mode, ARbot strives to blur the lines between a user’s real and augmented reality worlds. Meaning, that living room or office floor suddenly transforms into a battlefield with shoes, bags and sofas becoming barriers. Multi-player mode, however, requires at least two robots to be controlled via the ARtank app. These devices are then paired, so that all competitors view the same images on their screens.

So whether it’s for a teenager or simply a child at heart, this project makes for an entertaining and interactive gadget for anyone. Aside from tanks, the ARbot can also be used as a remote-controlled racing vehicle capable of reaching speeds of approximately three feet per second.


Avaialble in white, green, purple, pink, yellow and black, there’s an ARbot that suits every style. Those looking for an even more durable, modern-looking gizmo — and are willing to shell out some serious cash — may also want to check out the team’s special carbon edition, equipped with wireless charging. In the future, the team has plans of integrating the robot with wearables, such as Google Glass, to provide a greater immersive experience.

Sound like something for you? Head over to the ARbot project’s official Indiegogo page, where the team is currently seeking $32,000. Shipment is expected to kick off in January 2016.

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