WEZR is like a personal weather station that clips onto your jacket or keychain

WEZR is for anyone who wants to know the accurate, real-time weather forecast of a specific location.

Sure, nowadays you can whip out your smartphone and quickly pull up the weather, but that might not always be accurate enough to fulfill your real-time needs. Take for instance those heading out on a hike, those looking to catch some waves or even those planning a weekend getaway, a small tracker that provides a personalized, up-to-the-minute forecast can come in handy at crucial times.


WEZR is comprised of a connected sensor and an accompanying app that attaches to any device, jacket, backpack, keychain, bike handlebar, ski pole or some other sort of accessory, and offers precise mile-by-mile geolocated forecasts with continuous monitoring and updates beamed right to your phone. The unit itself features a BLE module and a number of microelectromechanical systems, in addition to an ARM-based architecture for the pre-processing and storage of data.

“WEZR tackles weather forecast reliability and accuracy through a combination of sensors, engineering, distributed networking and cloud computing,” the team writes.


How it works is relatively simple: An adapter reads the current status of the weather based on air pressure, humidity and temperature in an area by way of the WEZR device. An embedded sensor tracks and communicates atmospheric data directly to the app (iOS and Android compatible) over Bluetooth, which in turn, is relayed to a cloud-based service. There, advanced algorithms analyze the live information and combine it with traditional weather predictions. This data is then displayed directly onto the smartphone and updated every five minutes.

“Our goal was to create a new concept featuring a simple sensor that easily transfers the data to the algorithm and then to your smartphone instantaneously and seamlessly to provide you with the most-accurate weather information possible,” the team adds.


At the moment, WEZR forecasts will only be available in specific areas with expansion into new territories contingent upon the amount of funding. To start, the startup hopes to roll out to most of the U.S. and a large portion of western Europe, with Japan and Australia to follow.

Interested? Head over to its official Kickstarter page, where WEZR is currently seeking $200,000. Delivery is slated for December 2015.

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