LED wristbands will invade the Academy of Country Music Awards

Throw away your glowsticks and keep your phones in your pocket, because these LED wristbands are headed to the ACM Awards. 

Go to any concert, and during a ballad, look around the crowd. Back in the day, you would be sure to find the flickering of fan’s cigarette lighters filling the night sky throughout the stadium. With the advancements in technology, these lighters were soon replaced by the waving of illuminated smartphones. And well, it wasn’t before long that mobile apps like Virtual Zippo were able to bring the old-school look of lighters right to the device’s screen.


Now, there’s a new innovation in town — one in which you’ve probably already witnessed it in action. Perhaps, you tuned in to this year’s Super Bowl halftime show with Katy Perry? Remember the 516 glowing “orbs” that floated about the field, all wirelessly controlled to create a variety of LED designs? Or, maybe for the younger crowd, have you attended an Ariana Grande tour recently? You may have adorned your heads with the musician’s signature cat ears with a few extra twinkles to amplify the show experience.

Once again, Glow Motion Technologies will be front and center in the national spotlight. That’s because, during the upcoming Academy of County Music Awards, fans will be adorning LED bands to their wrists as they wave their arms along to the tunes of their favorite singers. The devices provided to spectators will ultimately transform the audience into one giant, lit-up canvas, all while increasing sponsor visibility and fan interaction in millions of homes.

The wristbands — a collaboration between Glow Motion, Warner Music Nashville, Mobaglo and Mary Kay — will create synchronized effects from more than 16 million LED color options inside AT&T Stadium during performances from names like Jason Aldean, Garth Brooks, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Lady Antebellum, among many others.


The interactive wristbands are comprised of silicone, powered by a single AAA battery, and are fully-controllable through its wireless transceiver, enabling them to communicate with one or many thousands wristbands simultaneously. In fact, up to 65,000 devices can be accessed individually using only 33 DMX channels. Beyond that, GMT’s wristbands features the ability to ‘talk’ with each other via RFID. This gives designers and event producers, like the ACM Awards, a whole new way to approach event design and credentialing.

Interested in this bright idea? Head over to its official page here, or watch them in action below.

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