Take control of your IoT data with Temboo Streaming

IoT programming platform Temboo just introduced Streaming, a simple way to send sensor data to the cloud service of your choice.

Internet of Things programming platform Temboo recently debuted Streaming, a simple way to send sensor data to the cloud service of your choice. Streaming allows developers to visually wire sensors to the cloud on Temboo’s website where all the necessary code is dynamically generated within the browser. Once a Streaming application is running, it’s easy to switch where the data is being sent — with no hardware or software updates required.


Temboo is one of the first IoT platforms to forgo building its own sensor data storage solution in favor of giving developers options. Through its close integration with Microsoft Power BI, Streaming provides access to Microsoft’s cloud platform that combines data storage with data visualization, where IoT developers can view their sensor readings in real-time graphs.

“It’s very important to us that people who are working with Temboo are able to choose the tools and services that they want to work with,” explains Trisala Chandaria, co-founder Temboo. “By keeping Streaming open, we think we’ve kept the value front and center in IoT Mode.”


Streaming is also launching with support for Google’s BigQuery platform and can be used to program a wide range of Atmel based Arduino boards. The team notes that added support for other data services and hardware devices will be coming soon.

“We increasingly live in a world in which everything emits data, presenting new and exciting opportunities for those who can harness it,” adds James Phillips, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Power BI. “Temboo Platform users can now stream data directly into Microsoft Power BI where it can be visualized and monitored in real-time, and analyzed using rich visual and natural language exploration capabilities.”


Streaming is ideally suited for building an assortment of IoT applications at any scale, from a water usage monitor that logs household water consumption to an urban traffic sensor network that enables policymakers to make informed decisions about how to decrease congestion.

Sound interesting? Head over to its official page here to learn more.

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