Swimmo is the ultimate smartwatch for swimmers

Swimmo a new smartwatch designed for continuous use underwater.

While countless wearable devices have been introduced with hopes of revolutionizing athletic activities, from the court to the field, not so many have taken to the water. That is something the company behind Swimmo is hoping to change. For instance, how often have you forgotten the number of laps you swam during a training session, or wished to surpass a personal best and then instantly share it with your friends on social media? That will all be possible thanks to the latest smartwatch designed specifically for continuous underwater use.


Swimmo itself is a sleek, aesthetically-pleasing and comfortable band equipped with a color OLED display that is 100% waterproof. What’s more, the wearable boats a unique “Rotate&Tap” patent-pending technology that allows a swimmer to control the watch using two simple gestures — no gaps between buttons that might let water in.

The device works by monitoring a swim session in real-time and providing immediate feedback to the trainee, helping them to efficiently achieve their results. The device comes with training apps to track performance in the water, such as a heart-rate monitoring IntensityCoach, a speed focused PaceKeeper, and an overall performance gauge TrainingGuide. It will measure total distance in laps, yards or meters, analyze calories burned, and keep tabs on the length of a training session as well. Swimmo will even alert a swimmer with vibrations when it’s time to increase or decrease their speed to better improve their strength by exercising at the right intensity.


Aside from being compatible with other fitness apps, such as RunKeeper, Strava and HealthKit, it also syncs with its own mobile app (available on both iOS and Android) via Bluetooth Smart. Unlike a number of other smartwatches already available today, Swimmo’s basic features can be accessed without having to pair with a phone at all. In an effort to make swimming more social, the gadget enables users to compete with their friends and others nearby through Facebook and Twitter.

Intrigued? Swim on over to its official Kickstarter page, where the team is currently seeking $39,000. Shipment is expected to begin in October 2015.

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