Flash your headlights to open your garage door

Tired of always having to hit a remote to enter your garage? Just blink your lights three times. 

If you’re tired of always having to hit a remote to enter your garage, you’re in luck. That’s because Maker Luis Rodrigues has designed a DIY automation system that opens the door by simply flashing his headlights at it.


How it works is relatively simple: Blink three times and the garage door will open. Flash another three and it’ll pause. Three more times and it’ll shut. Rodrigues also has an outer gate to his home, which he coupled with the system. This enables him to hold the lights for more than a second, and both the door and the outer gate will be activated.

This is all made possible by connecting a control box under the hood of his car to the headlight’s output. A Moteino — a low-power, RF Arduino variant based on the ATmega328P — reads the input signal of the headlights flashing three times, and then communicates wirelessly to the garage door, which houses a second Moteino, in order to open it. And as you can imagine, another wireless board can be found inside the gate’s box.


Upon first glance, you may wonder as to how safe this system can truly be. In other words, can’t anyone flicker their lights to access the door? The answer is no, the system is specific to only his car.

Watch it in action below!

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