Wear your heart on your sleeve with the Beatband

This blinking wearable device combines a pulse sensor with a DIY Arduino.

As showcased on MAKE MagazineMakerBlock has devised a simple pulse-blinking indicator that enables a user to display their heartbeat when performing nearly any activity imaginable using a DIY Arduino microcontroller.


With the implementation of a MintDuino (ATmega328P + Arduino bootloader), MakerBlock has tasked a pulse sensor to trigger a set of green glowing LEDs. The entire unit fits within a mint tin (hence its name) and can be easily slipped into a specified sleeve for comfortable wearing.


Many would assume a neoprene sleeve would be ideal for this project, but MakerBlock recommends the NXE ActiveSleeve which is comprised of a stretchy material that allows the blinking lights to shine through. What good is an LED pulse display if onlookers can’t see your beating heart, right?


MakerBlock writes about a minor change to the MintDuino, “For this build we want to transfer it to perfboard so it’ll fit snugly in the mint tin and the armband sleeve.” Its creators go on to caution fellow Makers, “Don’t solder the green LED to the perfboard. You’ll replace this component with jumper wires connecting to your 5 red LEDs on the lid.”

Once soldered, wired and worn, this project has a multitude of uses. It can provide a visual representation of your feelings while working out, watching a movie, or even meditating. Now, go show off those emotions!

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