Painting random patterns on Easter eggs with Arduino

What an eggs-ellent idea!

First conceived in the spring of 1990 by Bruce Shapiro, the Egg-Bot is an art robot capable of drawing on rounded objects ranging in size from a ping-pong ball to a softball. The Maker initially came up with the idea as he grew fascinated by controlling stepper motors from his computer. And given the timing, the obvious canvas had been an Easter egg.

Since then, there have been a slew of Egg-Bot styled machines to come out of the DIY community. While many of them have been tasked with complex geometric patterns, Maker Curtis Swartley decided to take a different approach.


In order to bring his Random Pattern Easter Egg Machine to life, the Maker employed an Arduino Mega (ATmega2560), a pair of Arduino Unos (ATmega328), two motor shields, a couple of servos, some stepper motors, a few limit switches, and a Sharpie marker. Oh, and don’t forget the egg.

Watch the end result below!

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