Philips Hue Go is like a portable bowl of ambient light

Bring this wireless lamp anywhere ‘Hue’ want to ‘Go.’

Since its inception, Philips Hue lightbulbs have allowed users to select the brightness and color of light they want for any room. Now, the company is taking that experience to a whole new level with its latest Hue device that lets users carry their chosen ambience around in a portable bowl-like light that can be controlled via smartphone.


Philips notes that the aptly named Philips Hue Go is designed to change the way in which light is used in the home. Unlike conventional fixed units, this one can be moved in and around a home, and serve as a “portable center piece” to let anyone experience the light that they want anywhere at anytime. It even has a battery life of up to three hours when left unplugged.

Go’s unique shape and thick-walled spherical body allows users to place it either on a flat surface facing down, facing up or tilted to one side.


“It can also be positioned in different ways to adapt to your needs; enhance a living space by positioning it to face a wall washing it with light, add ambience to an intimate dinner by placing it as a center piece on the table or focused on a piece of work by directing the light where you need it,” the company explains.

The Hue Go enables users to choose from more than 16 million colors and seven different lighting effects, ranging from functional warm white light to cool energizing daylight. It can be controlled via a button directly on the device itself or via the Philips Hue app on a user’s smartphone. As with other Hue gadgets, the Go can interact with more than 200 third-party apps, and features five new patented dynamic light effects to enrich those special moments and interaction.


Just like Philips Hue, the Go can discretely alert a user of an incoming email or change in weather via a gentle light notification, as well as enhance the TV viewing experience. Philips Hue Go works seamlessly with all Philips Hue and Friends of Hue products, and can be easily integrated into an existing network.

Looking for an ambient, portable lamp of your own? The $109 (€99.95) Philips Hue Go will be available this month in Europe and June in North America.

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