Trade Pokémon over the Internet

Game Boy-to-Game Boy trading is so 1998.

If you had a Game Boy and you grew up in the ‘90s, there’s a very good chance you’ve played either Pokémon Red or Blue at some point. And, you weren’t alone. Shortly after its release in Japan back in 1996, the games made their debut in North America. By 1998, the total combined sales of Red and Blue versions in the United States alone had been 9.85 million. So, whether you’re still an avid player or simply have that occasional urge to drum up some nostalgia, one Maker has developed a clever mechanism that will bring the pop culture classic into the web-enabled era.


Back in the day, players could only trade their characters like Gastly, Abra, Geodude, Arbok, Machop and Sandshrew one of two ways: either Game Boy-to-Game Boy via a link cable, or later on, cartridge-to-Pokémon Stadium via a Transfer Pak. Now, Pepijn de Vos (yes, the same guy who built an Arduino-based project that lets you catch ‘em all by yourself) has introduced a new way for users to exchange their Pokémon right over the Internet, allowing Haunter, Machoke, Graveler and Kadabra to evolve.

Based on the Maker’s previous storage system, this device brings a Game Boy (including Pocket, Color and Advance) online via a Teensy shield. The gaming console is connected to a pair of Teensy boards (ATmega32U4) that link up to two computer networks, both running TCPoke software that allows for users to trade Pokemon over a WebRTC connection.

Ready to catch and trade ‘em all? You can find project details and necessary codes on the project’s Wiki here. Meanwhile, be sure to watch it in action below.

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