Rock out with the Jamstik+ smart guitar

Play this smart guitar through your mobile device.

Have you always wanted to be an axe-slaying, guitar-slinging rockstar? Yet, have you found learning to play an instrument to be a bit too difficult and expensive? Well, that may all change thanks to Minneapolis-based startup Zivix who has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its smart guitar, Jamstik+. Like just about everything else, the Internet of Things (IoT) is giving modern-day instruments a high-tech makeover, embedding them with new, more connected functionality.


The Jamstik+ SmartGuitar gives users the accessibility of a Guitar Hero-like computing interface along with the ability to add vibrato and bend strings as if it were a real instrument — all while wirelessly pairing with your iPhone, iPhone or other Apple device. What’s more, the Jamstik lineup is packed with a pair of Atmel processors and USB connection for both charging and linking to a PC.

You may recall an older version of the product called Jamstik that took Indiegogo by storm back in 2014. However, this iteration had a minor hiccup. Whenever a user played a note, there was a slight delay between the action and its coinciding sound. This problem has since been corrected in the latest incarnation, which boasts several additional features, most notably a magnetic hexaphonic pickup that gives the instrument a more traditional and authentic feel. The gadget sports improved connectivity through the implementation of Bluetooth Low Energy, enabling Jamstik+ to seamlessly sync with Apple’s MIDI software. The previous model had connected via Wi-Fi.


How it works is simple. The Jamstik+ senses a user’s before even plucking a string. The infrared sensors in the fretboard detect the precise variations of their digits, providing instant feedback with no delay between what is being played and what is being heard, as if it were a traditional guitar.

With all new Jamstik+ apps, users now have more options to begin their musical journey. While it may be marketed towards the beginner crowd through its tutorial-focused JamTutor series that provides onscreen representations of finger placements and string plucks, the SmartGuitar certainly appeals to the well-seasoned musicians as well. Simply open JamMix and begin playing. Beyond that, the wireless SmartGuitar is compatible with popular apps ranging from GarageBand and Loopy to SampleTank and Ableton, allowing artists to mix their own professional-grade tracks.


The music is emitted either through the speakers of its companion device or a pair of headphones to keep the jam session private. Since Jamstik+ is also a MIDI controller, it doesn’t have to be used solely as a guitar either. Instead, it can access an entire range of MIDI notes and a spectrum of sounds including a banjo, a piano, a harp and even a sitar.

Ready to rip up the fretboard? Head over to its official Kickstarter page, where the Zivix team has already well exceeded its $50,000 goal. Shipment is expected to kick off this summer.

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