Gbg-8 isn’t like any other Polaroid camera

With a click of the trigger, the gbg-8 shoots… a photo!

No stranger to Bits & Pieces, Moscow-based artist Dmitry Morozov has created a rather strange yet innovative DIY camera unlike anything you’ve probably seen before. In essence, the gbg-8 is an 8-bit instant photo camera masquerading as a gun, which was designed using an old Game Boy, a camera, a thermal printer and an Arduino.


How it works is pretty simple. The camera is used by pointing the barrel at something and pulling the trigger. This captures a picture through the camera, displays it on the old Game Boy screen, and sends it to the thermal printer where it’s printed on to receipt paper.


While the device probably should not be brought into public, Morozov’s project is certainly a clever piece of cyberpunk gadgetry. You can watch it in action below, or read up on the gbg-8 on its official page here.

2 thoughts on “Gbg-8 isn’t like any other Polaroid camera

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