Creating a chameleon IoT lamp with VIPER

ThingsOnInternet shows off the VIPER suite by turning an everyday IKEA lamp into an Internet of Things object. 

Currently in the process of wrapping up a successful Kickstarter campaignVIPER is a cross-platform design suite for the Internet of Things (IoT) that enables Makers and embedded designers to easily program their Arduino, UDOO and Spark Core in real-time by creating a virtual machine on the board.


In hopes of simplifying how “things” are brought onto the Internet, VIPER converges a series of components to better streamline the process. This includes an IDE to manage and program the boards, a Virtual Machine to serve as its operating system, a plug-and-play shield, an extensive library of ready-to-use functions, and a mobile app to act as the interface for smart objects.

To demonstrate the system’s extensive capabilities, ThingsOnInternet (TOI) recently modded an IKEA FRYEBO lamp and connected it to an Arduino Due (Atmel | SMART SAM3X8E) — though a Spark Core or Photon board can also be used — to make it smarter. The team then tore down the desktop accessory and added a 24-LED Adafruit NeoPixel ring capable of being controlled remotely via smartphone using the VIPER app. The result is an IoT lamp that sends notification information and alerts a user when in close proximity.


In an effort to highlight the VIPER Shield’s capacitive sensing capabilities, the TOI crew also lined the head of the lamp with a wired piece of aluminum foil. This allowed the device’s NeoPixels to randomly change colors with every press of the button in the app.

Interested? Head over to the project’s official page to get started. Since we’re talking about IoT lamps, you may want to check this out as well.

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