Lumious lamp is bringing the sun inside your house

This lamp is redefining the way you interact with artificial light.

A new lamp that has launched on Indiegogo is looking to give you the experience of placing a window where you’re unable to have one, or as the Pittsburgh-based team put its, “offer brilliant sky-scales that model a clear sunny day in July, everyday.” This allows you to enjoy bright orange sunrises, brilliant noon sun, and even rich red sunsets, all indoors.


Interactive smart lamps aren’t anything entirely new, as we’ve seen everything from ones capable of mimicking a thunderstorm to helping you to feel energized and relaxed at home. However, the Lumious lamp is looking to do something a bit different: to bring the sun inside. Designed by Lumilabs, the wall-adorned accessory works by slowly changing throughout day to give your body a sense of rhythm via color-changing LEDs.

Taking advantage of the biological relationship between brain function and specific light wavelengths, the lamp helps you stay alert and focused as the day goes on, opposed to constant fluorescent sameness that can lead to headaches and disorientation, among other things.


“We are focused on what kind of lighting is good for our biology. We believe that lighting should not only enable us to see, but improve our mood and productivity,” the team explains.

Based on an ATmega328P, its unique capability is accomplished using an internal timer, combined with the altering of the light’s hue, brightness and angle to coincide with the real sun outside.


Lumious will surely be something that’ll come in handy for New Englanders that lose all that vitamin D over the winter, or for those residing in the Pacific Northwest during its rainy season. Not to mention, the device will let shift workers easily adjust the lamp to better match their personal schedules. Interested? Head over to the project’s official Indiegogo page, where Lumilabs is currently seeking $10,000. If all goes to plan, shipment is expected to begin later this year.

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