3D printing a working 5-speed manual Toyota transmission

Maker 3D prints a fully-functional 5-speed transmission for a Toyota 22RE engine.

You may recall a project from back in January when auto enthusiast Eric Harrell replicated a Toyota 22RE four-cylinder engine using a RepRap Prusa 3D printer. Not only did it aesthetically fit the bill, it was completely functional as well. Following such positive feedback from the DIY community and media coverage around his earlier design, Harrell decided to complement his creation by 3D printing a 5-speed manual transmission modeled after a W56 Toyota. Combined, the two components form an impressive piece of DIY machinery!


“This is the 4WD version of the transmission so it has a mounting surface to bolt a transfer case to. I’ll work to get a 2WD housing designed up, since the only difference is the rear section of the transmission. The transfer case will be the next thing I will upload,” the Maker writes.


The build took Harrell just over two days to finish, which was accomplished using his ATmega2560 powered Kossel Mini printer. Upon completion, the transmission worked — all 5 speeds and reverse. The project utilized a decent amount of 3mm rod and 623zz bearings, along with some screws and nuts given the tiny size of a few of the parts.

Interested? You can check out the entire project on Thingiverse here. Meanwhile, watch it in action below!

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