Switchmate makes any light smart in seconds

Smart lighting with a snap!

From startups to major brands, it seems like just about everyone has embarked on the smart lighting train. In fact, we’ve seen everything from lights that can set the mood, to lights that can sync up with TV shows, to lights that can give off the impression of a lived-in home. And while smart bulbs continue to proliferate, they all possess one of the same two options when it comes to installation. Homeowners could either use a plug-in module or remove and replace a ‘dumb’ light switch entirely.


That was until Switchmate came along. The Palo Alto-based startup — which recently launched on Indiegogo — is hoping to change the game with its solution that easily fits over an existing switch by magnetically securing to the screws. This means no wires, no tools, no headache! As you can imagine, not only for homes, the market for the Switchmate includes renters and those who lack handyman skills.

Once affixed to the wall, you can simply pair it with a mobile device over Bluetooth and automate your switch in a matter of seconds. This allows you to turn the lights on with a tap of your phone, a press of its button, or at scheduled pre-set times. In other words, you’ll never have to get out of bed or come home to a dark house again. What’s more, Switchmate can be used to control any appliance, as long as it features an on/off toggle.


As seen back at CES 2015, Switchmate is comprised of a plastic faceplate, a servo motor and a Bluetooth Low Energy module, along with a few magnets and a button. On its own, the solution can be operated from an iOS or Android phone via BLE. However, for those instances beyond its 200-foot range, the startup says it is currently working on developing its own hub and expanding its lineup of products. This will enable users to control their lights (or other in-home devices) anywhere that there is Internet access.


Recently launched on Indiegogo, the team has already doubled its initial goal in a matter of days. Want a Switchmate of your own? Hurry over to its official campaign page here.

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