Your own lighting show is one tap away with PLAYBULB garden

MiPow wants you to add colors, lighting effects and more intelligence to your garden. 

If you’re the owner of a solar outdoor lighting system, then you know all to well that it often times fails to provide enough brightness. However, one San Jose-based startup is looking to change that with their new product, the PLAYBULB garden. You may recall MiPow from a super successful Kickstarter campaign last year for their Bluetooth Smart LED flameless candle. This device sought out to “liberate” a user’s imagination through vibrant colors, controlled through an accompanying app.


Now, the company’s latest innovation is hoping to provide homeowners with a solar outdoor lighting system that can be customized based on their desires, all while offering enough lighting to illuminate a home garden or pathway. Using the PLAYBULB X app, users can adjust the lighting tone and brightness of the RGB LED garden with just the tap of a finger, as well as activate one of among five special effects.

It is purely driven by solar power, and therefore, is just as eco-friendly as the garden itself. The intelligent system is equipped with built-in sensors that are tasked with detecting the lighting condition and automatically turning on/off the garden accordingly. During the day, solar panels absorb light energy and store them in the garden’s internal lithium-ion battery. Once fully charged, the device can operate up to 20 hours.

Each PLAYBULB garden comes with two pieces of monopod, which are attached to one another to extend its height. Meanwhile, an owner can also remove the monopod if they’re just looking to place the light directly on the ground.


The latest version of PLAYBULB X supports various lighting possibilities, ranging from rainbow to flashing to candle light effects. The magic really begins to happen, however, when the Bluetooth-enabled devices are activated under group mode, which allows users to sync five pieces together. With its over-the-air upgrade feature, the system can be updated to include the latest PLAYBULB X app features enhancements, including new lighting functions and special effects.

Interested in adding a little magic to your garden? Head over to MiPower’s latest Kickstarter page, where the team has already well exceeded its initial $10,000 goal. Delivery to backers is slated for May 2015 — just in time for summer!

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