Moff Band is a wearable that brings sound effects to playtime

On the inside, it’s a smart device. On the outside, it’s a retro slap-bracelet.

Where were these when we were kids? Those who’ve ever adorned their wrists with flexible stainless steel slap-bracelets back in ‘90s will surely appreciate the latest smart accessory from Moff. While high-tech wearables have becoming increasingly popular amongst adults, it should come as little surprise that they’ve entered the toy industry as well.


With this latest device, the starts as soon as it hits the wrist. While it may not push notifications or track your recent fitness routine, the Moff Band has one purpose and one purpose only: to turn a child’s every movement into sounds, making things like air guitars a reality. The Bluetooth-connected slap-on band offers users the ability to play more than 30 realistic sound effects based merely on the motion of their wrists.

The bracelet — which first appeared on Kickstarter last year and recently made its debut at Toy Fair 2015 —  syncs with a companion iOS app, which is responsible for emitting all sorts of noises. The gadget is also equipped with a built-in accelerometer and gyro sensors. By simply swinging their arms and using their imagination, kids can play everything from air drums and baseball to ninja swords and magic wands, all with pretty cool sound effects. Even better, two can be used with the same iPhone or iPad, and it pairs well with the living room stereo system, too.


Designed to suit just about any kid’s style, the Moff Band is available in a variety of colors, including Moff Orange, Magic Magenta, Mellow Yellow, Mighty Blue and Mystery Lime. In addition, the company can create custom colors and cover shapes, as requested by the retail channel, so that children can wear Moff Bands as a fashion item.

Ready to bring playtime to life? You’ll want to head over to its official page here. While Moff Bands are recommended for ages 3 to 12, we wouldn’t be too shocked to see some adults explore their imagination as well.

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