3D mapping and Arduino come together for one impressive performance

This live set looks like a mix between Disney World’s Space Mountain and a Justin Timberlake music video. 

When it comes to mind-blowing audiovisual displays, Arduino has become a rather popular choice amongst designers and artists alike. Helping to carry on the trend is ANGLE, an interactive project by the Florence-based duo of Piero Fragola and Thomas Pizzinga that applies video-mapping techniques to their live performances.


Each of their songs are synchronized to some pretty slick video images, while the techno-like grooves devised using modular synthesizers systems in collaboration with Eurorack module manufacturer TipTop Audio.

“These grooves’ broken rhythm patterns lend themselves well to visual representation: this juxtaposition of sounds and images all blend to create an original and engrossing experience,” the duo writes.


ANGLE’s first step was TETRA 01, which used 3D mapping on a self-supporting, isostatic, modular structure that was comprised of triangles with junctions at their vertices. The latest version of their live set, aptly dubbed TETRA 02, utilized light from a series of RGB LED strips to reshape the structure’s frame, with real-time animations made possible through an Arduino Uno (ATmega328) and Mad Light.

Sure, you can learn more about the project on its official page here, but seeing it in action is even cooler!

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