Zero Tiny is a BLE board powered by an ATtiny85

Could this be the lowest-spec and cheapest BLE board ever?

Designed by Micah Pearlman, the Zero Tiny BLE is a tiny low-cost, low-powered embeddable device packed with an ATtiny85 MCU and an HM-10 Bluetooth 4.0 module.


The board was originally conceived as a way to connect sensors for the Maker’s vintage motorcycle so that his iOS device could serve as a display and data logger. Therefore, Pearlman sought a small, inexpensive solution that possessed both uC and BLE capabilities, and could be powered by a small LiPo battery.

“The HM-10 BLE was super cheap and incredibly easy to integrate. The ATtiny85 is also super cheap, requires practically zero external components when running on it’s internal oscillator and can be programmed in the Arduino IDE.”


Four of the tinyAVR’s six I/O pins were broken out on a pin header, with two used to communicate with the BTLE module. Interested? You can learn more about the board and access all of the Maker’s open-source files here. Nice find, Hackaday!

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