Polyes Q1 may be the safest and coolest 3D pen yet

Polyes Q1 is a brand new 3D printing pen that enables Makers to draw in the air without danger. 

While 3D printers may have stolen the buzz as of late, 3D pen makers aren’t too far behind in meeting the successes and mainstream appeal of their much larger siblings. In fact, handheld gadgets like the 3Doodler and Lix have already experienced multi-million dollar backings on Kickstarter over the last two years.


However, many of today’s products rely on a feed of ABS/PLA plastic that is heated up and extruded through a hot nozzle. The Future Make crew looks to change all of that with the launch of the Polyes Q1, a 3D pen that doesn’t involve any hot parts or melting plastics. Instead, photo-polymer ink is extruded out of a cool nozzle, and when exposed to blue LED light provided by the device, immediately solidified. What this means is no more nasty smells or burns! Not to mention, its colorful ink is sure to be more attractive than the traditional ABS/PLA filament.

“The 3D printing pens currently available in the market aren’t easy to operate and safe — take for example, all pens using ABS/PLA materials that give off unpleasant odors and the risks of getting burned by high temperatures,” the team writes.


Based on what we believe to be an AVR microcontroller, Polyes features a USB port for convenient charging and an easy-to-read display for ink levels. To further enhance the child-safety aspects of the device, the Q1 is embedded with a tilt sensor that, when combined with a child-safety switch, will automatically shuts off the light if the pen is turned beyond ground level.

What’s more, the gadget is equipped with integrated control buttons that allow a user to be in total control while doodling. Especially designed for children who look to explore their creativity without supervision, parents and instructors can take comfort in knowing that there’s no need to worry about any eyes being damaged.


“Polyes has all the capabilities of 3D printing pens without the pitfalls. From the totally safe and cool nozzle to sleek, optimally-proportioned white body, the pen is as easy to use as it is versatile. Do you want to play tic-tac-toe without having to waste paper every other game? You can draw the grid and symbols in minutes. You can even color-code them,” its creators write. “Are you the sort of person who likes to think big? Are you a fan of architecture maybe? You can build anything from a small house outline to the Medieval Castle!”

Unsurprisingly, Future Make recently concluded what was surely a successful crowdfunding campaign. The innovative device nearly tripled its initial goal on Kickstarter, garnering just shy of $150,000. Interested in learning more? You can head over to the product’s official page here. Shipments are slated to begin sometime this month.

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