is an aquarium for the Internet of Fishy Things

The Arduino-powered is a real-time, interactive fish tank.

Remember those aquarium screen savers that seemed to be found on all computers back in the ‘90s? Well, one web app is now bringing the fad into the Internet of Things age. This time, however, users can actually view what is happening in real aquariums, and in real-time. So, for those like the crew at Greek design agency Mindworks who have ever thought of being able to feed their fish remotely, you’re in luck.

In what appears to be the first-ever interactive aquarium capable of being accessed and managed from anywhere, the aptly named is a 30-gallon fish tank that can be interacted with straight from a web browser. Users can alternate between three different camera angles, as well as add bubbles and feed the fish — all through its app. In addition, the slick aquarium enables users to monitor real-time stats like the number of fish and current water temperature.


While automated feeders are nothing new, the Makers decided to pair a JUWEL pet system with an Arduino Uno (ATmega328). To do so, the team tore down the feeder and took apart its PCB. They connected a servo to the Arduino that would allow the motor to rotate the cylinder on its side, thereby dropping a little food with each turn. What’s more, the team designed a second interaction — an air pump for bubbles. To ensure that there wouldn’t be any time-related limits, they added a relay to an EHEIM pump that was also controlled by the Arduino.

The Mindworks team was so pleased with that they decided to open it up to the public, albeit with restrictions so the fish can only be fed once an hour. Interested? You can check out the project’s official page here.

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