Learn how to #InventAnything with littleBits

Ready to become a BITSTAR? littleBits has launched a self-guided, open curriculum for Makers.

As you’re probably well aware, littleBits is all about inspiring more people around the world to become Makers and not just consumers of technology. The company seeks to place the power of electronics into the hands of everyone with their easy-to-use, modular components that enable those just starting out to connect their projects to the Internet, program IFTTT recipes, and even create their own analog synthesizers. Taking their initiative of supporting DIYers’ journeys one step further, the New York-based startup has just launched a series of free online courses to help anyone around the world discover how to #InventAnything using littleBits.


What’s more, the courses are entirely free, online, and in true Maker community fashion, open to anyone who wants to participate. It is peer-powered by P2PU, and you can follow the five week curriculum starting on February 23rd — or join in later if you want to go at your own pace. This program has been created to reach both those who are brand new to littleBits, as well as those with some experience points. At the end you will graduate with exclusive bitSTAR status, joining the leaders league of their community and unlocking a 20% discount. After all, who doesn’t love a little savings?!

How it works is relatively simply. The system is comprised of various tracks, which you can think of as departments in school. These include everything from the Internet of Things and hardware to music and design, or for those looking to dip their toes in the Maker waters, there is an entry-level basics session as well. Throughout the course, you will be introduced to various components such as the Arduino (ATmega32U4), MP3 (ATmega168) and servo (ATtiny25) modules to name a few, and how to incorporate them in your next project.


As the littleBits team notes, most of the activity is designed to encourage peer-to-peer learning and takes place in their online discussion forum. If you haven’t used a forum before, don’t fret as their helpful team will guide you through the process.

Every Wednesday, Makers are invited to join a real-time hangout with other so-called bitsters. There, you can enjoy live networking, technical support, and perhaps even partake in some collaborative brainstorming. Each week, littleBits will also have special guests joining us for a fireside chat, including folks like Eric Rosenbaum of MaKey Makey, Dr. Mitch Resnick of MIT, and Ariel Waldman of NASA.


Those participating in #InventAnything will have the opportunity to go beyond all the making and teach others in your local community how to channel their inner DIY spirit and make something great. At the end of the course, you will have the chance to devise your own playful event using littleBits, whether in your backyard or at your local makerspace. To celebrate the occasion, the team will host a global make-a-thon with everyone who took the course. Think of it like a virtual Maker Faire!

If you’ve read the blog post this far, we’re sure that you’re pretty excited to get started. If so, head over to littleBits to sign up. Weekly assigments will commence Feburay 23, but in the meantime, you can go ahead and introduce yourself in their forums as well as browse the various tracks. What a great idea to enable, inspire and connect with likeminded individuals. Let’s get to making!

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