Drawbot is a wireless pen plotter robot

This free-roaming artist on wheels has no work area limitations.

As reported on Bits & Pieces, a number of artistic robots have emerged on the Maker scene as of late. However, unlike some of its predecessors, the newly-revealed Drawbot is a wireless pen plotter that is not bound to a defined work area.


Originally conceived as free-roaming, wireless drawing machine, Matthew Lim decided to explore a bit further into pen plotters — which are based on very similar logic as that of a 3D printer, just with less sophisticated Z-axis movement.

“Upon some research in both the open source community and in the commercial sector, I realized that I was making something new. All pen plotters have limited work areas because of how they work: they all move within a specifically-defined space in order to get precision. I decided to make one that is wireless and free-roaming,” the Maker writes.

The tetherless digital fabrication tool is driven by an Arduino Uno (ATmega328), while its wheels and caster were 3D-printed using on a MakerBot. The remaining parts of the frame were comprised of laser-cut masonite. On the software side, the Drawbot is based on the open-source code for TinyCNC by Makerblock. However, since the Drawbot moves differently than the TinyCNC, Lim needed to significantly modify its Arduino program.


“I am currently developing a second version chassis. The new frame has fully integrated assembly, which means that minimal hardware is required to put the robot together. I will also be making Drawbot open source by creating an instructable to share the platform and have others participate in its development,” Lim concludes.

Want a pen plotting robot of your own? Head over to the project’s official page to get started. In the meantime, check out some of its latest creations below.

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