Show your Super Bowl team spirit with this ATiny85 LED hat

In the Super Bowl spirit, Maker Bill Tracy recently created a nifty little cap for the big game celebration.

Sure, millions of fans will adorn their bodies with the typical Patriots or Seahawks t-shirts, jackets and jerseys tomorrow, but what if you could throw a blinking LED hat into the championship get-up mix?


“Have you ever noticed that almost all baseball caps are ready-made for inserting LEDs? Why don’t cap manufacturers just go ahead and insert 3mm LEDs into the six threaded grommet holes in the top of the hat? After all, besides the LED ports, each cap also comes equipped with six seams to serve as insulated conduits for running wire or conductive thread,” the Maker conjectures. Moreover, the 1-inch head band running around the inside base of the cap provides a perfect slot for hiding a button battery and associated circuitry.”

With the game quickly approaching, Tracy decided to mod an old hat with a set of six clear LED lights that the manufacturers evidently forgot to install. Depending on whether you’re a Pats or Hawks fan, we’d assume you would probably want to use either green, blue or red LEDs opposed to the yellow embedded in his prototype.


The project was brought to life using a LilyTiny chip (ATtiny85) along with some conductive thread, a sewable on/off switch, a little wiring and a 3V button battery. What’s more, there was no programming required for this keep-it-simple introductory electronic wearables project. However, advanced Makers can reprogram the tinyAVR MCU to customize their hat’s blinking functions.

Want to be the ‘light’ of your Super Bowl party? Head over to the project’s official page for a step-by-step breakdown of the build.

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