MicroGame is a pocket-sized, Arduino-compatible gaming platform

If there are two things we love: It’s tiny boards and even tinier 8-bit gaming consoles.

Devised by the Maker Oscar Gonzalez, the newly-revealed MicroGame joins a growing list of impressive, uber-mini devices like the Gamebuino, Microduino-Joypad, Ardubracelet and Joy Gamer. Powered on an ATmega32U4, the Arduino-compatible MicroGame board enables Makers to customize and play their very own game on the platform’s monochrome 128×64 OLED display. According to its creators, the project is entirely open-source with all of the necessary hardware design and codes available for download — good news for Makers seeking a pocket-sized console!


The device, which measures 8cm x 4cm in size, features a USB port that allows for a simple battery recharge and programming within the Arduino IDE. In addition, the gamepad sports some LEDs and buttons, which resemble that of a miniaturized Nintendo NES controller. The MicroGame is quipped with four scroll buttons for directional movement, as well as two that handle in-game commands (think “A” and “B” controls).


“This is a project that [I have] found very interesting and has made me [want] to learn a lot of things about conducting plates with surface components (SMD) and at the level of the necessary software and requirements for loading a bootloader that makes support Arduino environment and avoid the use of an external programmer,” Gonzalez writes.


When playing retro games like Galaxian, the highest score is permanently stored in the device’s internal EEPROM and displayed each time the board illuminates. This was accomplished using Adafruit’s GFX Graphics Library, the Maker explains. While still a prototype, you can learn all about the project on its official page here, and watch it in action below.

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