Device captures colors and turns them into sounds

Ever wonder what the color blue sounds like? Or, how about green?

The Colour Sucker was created by a group of Makers — Johanna Mahonen, Jonathan Simsch, Tomas Gatial and Midas Nouewens — as an exploration into the world of colors through vision and sound. Equipped with a color-detecting sensor, the device can capture colors by pulling its side lever and replay a sound associated to its stored tones by pushing it. Different colors emit their own instruments — blue for piano, green for flute and red for oboe — which are determined by their hue value. Meanwhile, corresponding chords are performed after each other and the brightness of the color denotes the pitch of the sound.


It should be noted that the mapping between color and sound is based on previous studies and connected to the colors’ HSL values. The system itself is comprised of a mobile phone that registers each color through its camera, a Pure Data application running on a PC, several LEDs, and of course, an Arduino Leonardo (ATmega32U4).

Intrigued? Be sure to watch the detailed clip below to learn more about the Colour Sucker and see it action.

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